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A New site is under contrustion so please call 07861711523


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For Reliable, Quality annual maintenance of gas appliances and hot water systems
call Richard Smith on

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Richard Smith Trading as Arden Gas Services is not VAT registered therefore VAT does not apply to labour charges.


Apply to natural gas and LPG appliances

Gas boiler service and filter clean- £85

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Service- £75

Standard gas Fire Service - £75

Decorative Gas Fire Service up to 18 inches wide- £75

Decorative Gas Fire Service over 18 inches wide- £85

Gas fired direct Water heater Service- £85

If a second gas appliance is serviced at the same time as a boiler service, please reduce the cost by £10 per additional appliance

Three or more houses on the same street when done on the same visit please reduce the price by £10 per gas appliance per property

Same day Breakdown attentance if available £95

Please note that I do not work on Flueless Gas Fires.

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